Couple walks into sunset on cobblestone sidewalk in Lisbon Portugal
Large old tree protrudes in front of funky old doorway in Lisbon, Portugal
Red lighthouse beacon in Portugal
Strange old family home entrance marked private in Portugal
Antique blue tiles on wall in Portugal
One male friend kisses another on cheek in Portugal doorway
Woman in white dress walks on rocky beach in Portugal
Rocky Portugal beach with mossy rock in foreground
Pink clouds at sunset in Portugal with plants and moon
Old cobblestone street in Portugal with yellow doorway and lamp
View of Portugal power lines at sunset
Smiling woman sits in old archway on cobblestone street in Portugal
Ancient Roman columns in Portugal against blue sky
Skulls bones and blue tiles in Portugal catacombs
Pink building facade with plants in Portugal
Small realistic toy pig in Portugal
Shelves full of colorful tinned fish in Portugal
Portugal donkey braying closeup
Historical Teatro Variedades at sunset in Portugal
Neon Teatro Maria Vitoria sign at sunset in Lisbon, Portugal
Graffiti covered home with hanging laundry in Lisbon, Portugal
Cat sits alone on cobblestone street in Lisbon Portugal
Wall in Lisbon Portugal with colorful graffiti and fire hydrant
Cobblestone street in Lisbon Portugal with man walking in red shirt and yellow building
Old Lisbon Portugal buildings
Server stands with back to camera and colorful backlit wine bottles covering wall
Cobblestone street in Lisbon Portugal late afternoon
Interior ceiling of Portugal cathedral
Three red bicycles in Lisbon Portugal parked against blue wall
Looking down cobblestone street with colorful painted windows in Portugal
Detail shot of pink painted Malta building with lions
Colorfully lit buildings at night in Malta with traffic
Grandfather picks up grandson from school on red scooter in Malta
Night looking at buildings reflecting in water in Malta
Balconies in Malta with their ironwork shadows
Looking into night sky at Malta archways
Catholic basilica in Gozo Malta
Weathered doorway painted yellow and blue in Malta
Man in family machine shop Valletta Malta
Triton fountain at entrance to Valletta Malta at night
Blue Lagoon in Comino Malta with sailboat and swimmers
Buddha type statue in Malta
Man on motorcycle with dog in lap in Malta
Rocky shoreline in Malta during golden hour
Looking up at antique Maltese windmill
Sunset at rocky shoreline in Malta
Orange octopus kite floats over sea at International Kite  Festival in San Dimitri, Gharb, Gozo, Malta
Closeup of top of Chrysler Building in New York City, New York
Old uptown entrance to subway in New York City, New York at night